Work Experience

Interdisciplinary experiences in areas including analytics, automation, fintech, marketing, sales, software development, and military.

I am currently kicking off my professional career after learning and growing from my diverse educational and internship experiences.

Status: Looking for a full-time role in the technology field in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area where I can leverage my experience in data analytics, business strategy, and agile methodologies to drive innovation and lead cross-functional teams toward success.

Aggressive Hydraulics Inc (Market Vision)

Data Research Specialist

Oct 2023 – present  |  Cedar, MN, USA (hybrid)

  • Implemented/improved business and data processes; managed data quality in Salesforce
  • Built custom web scrapers to automate 30% of prospect research data collection
  • Visualized data in Looker, Tableau, and Salesforce for internal and external clients


Product Management Intern

Feb 2023 – May 2023  |  Zürich, Switzerland (remote)

  • Contributed to product design and improvements in conversion rates through user stories, A/B testing, and analyzing data for actionable insights in the fintech startup
  • Developed KPIs and data visualization dashboards in Amplitude that functioned as the basis of most app analytics used for testing, performance and behavior monitoring, and deriving strategic decisions

Center for Technology & Training – Michigan Tech

Salesforce Intern

Oct 2022 – Feb 2023  |  Houghton, MI, USA

  • Gathered department needs and requirements
  • Evaluated and tested potential products
  • Recommended automation tools to streamline email marketing, expand opportunities in data analytics and marketing, and comply with the current legal framework

Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being – Michigan Tech

Marketing Intern, Student Health & Well-Being Ambassador

Jun 2021 – May 2022  |  Houghton, MI, USA

  • Conducted research to develop a strategic plan for outreach and event marketing
  • Designed content to promote a new health app across campus and improved department awareness
  • Co-managed social media accounts and website
  • Participated in mental health training (Safe Place, CPE, QPR)
  • Advocated holistic health through presentations, guidance, and programming

Other notable experiences

Swiss Armed Forces

Military Police Grenadier

Basic Training: Jun 2019 – Oct 2019; ongoing service every year

  • Learned and reinforced skills relating to team building, effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership
  • Worked with teams of the military police, civil police, and military criminal investigations department (incl. intelligence services)

This function is the heavy force of the military police. We serve a variety of needs like intervention, hostage rescue, personnel protection, crowd and riot control, and lower-level police services – all under the principle of commensurability – and are generally trained for urban warfare. We regularly support civil forces with limited capacities.

IT Oxygen Student Enterprise

Business Operations Manager, Product Engineer

Aug 2020 – Apr 2023  |  Houghton, MI, USA

  • Created custom software solutions
  • Utilized Design Thinking, Agile, and Scrum within an interdisciplinary team
  • Restructured the organization for students to develop professionally and individually
  • Expanded recruiting efforts and created supporting content, doubling membership


until Apr 2023

I had the great opportunity to pursue a sports career for many years, creating lifelong friendships, getting to know my body and mind, going beyond my limits, and promoting myself. I will forever continue to be involved in sports one way or another.