Able to effectively communicate in multiple languages.

Languages create cultural understanding and open doors to connect with new people. This is why I love them so much!

(Swiss) German

German, or more specifically the "Appenzell Dialect", is my mother tongue. There is much variety in the German dialects, making interactions with people from different regions extremely interesting (and funny). This background also allows me to get the gist of some other Germanic languages.


Growing up in the digital age surrounded by the increasing use of the internet with English as its main language, and the classes early in school, this language has had the greatest impact on my life besides my mother tongue. It continuously allows me to break down language barriers with people in other countries and regions of the world and gave me the chance to study and work in the U.S. more recently.


I grew up hearing French from family friends and finally learned and used the language enthusiastically in school, with teammates and other athletes, and to communicate in the military. Taking Latin translation classes has helped me improve my French vocabulary as well.